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(The website was last updated 18th May 2024)

God has always directed the church to return to the ‘old paths’ (Jeremiah 6 v 16), to the established ways of God’s appointment and this is what we seek to do. We strive to honour God’s precepts rather than turn to broken cisterns, the notions and devices of men, which can hold no water (Jer. 2 v 13). In doing so, we seek to honour and not remove the ancient landmarks. ( Prov. Ch. 22 v 28, & Ch.23 v 10)

Therefore we seek to uphold and teach the Regulative Principle, rather than the Normative Principle, believing whatsoever God has commanded is to be honoured. (Deuteronomy 12 v 32 & Isaiah 8 v 20)

The Authorised/King James Version is used at all times, and we praise God in song by Psalms only without instruments, making melody in our hearts. (Ephesians 5 v 19)

As to church policy, we are Congregationalists, and therefore Paedo-baptists; a people of the Covenant promises of God, made to us and our children.

We believe there is a suitable way to appear before God for public worship governed by Scripture, with an awareness of the God we worship; so there ought to be an outward as well as an inward suitability to meet with the King of kings. (Ex. 3 v 5 & Gen. 35 v 2)

Although very few, we are united in seeking to uphold and convince others of Biblical principles, in these days of departure. We are thankful for the help and support of a few faithful friends in furthering the cause of truth and in aiding the work here in Tameside in Llanelli and the Philippines, by the enabling of the Lord.


Our services consist of prayer, the singing of Psalms, the reading of the Holy Scriptures and the exposition of the Word.

Should you be able to visit us, you are welcome.

Sabbath Services – 10:30am & 5:00 pm

Tuesday (Tameside) and Wednesday (Llanelli)Prayer and Ministry – 6:00 pm

Where we meet – Llanelli, Cynheidre, SA15 5YD.  Tameside – presently Online only.

 About us 

Ordained Minister –  Brian H. Bradley

Our Church ~ doctrinally Reformed and Protestant.

Our Bible ~ Authorised Version (King James Version)

Our Praise is ~ Metrical Psalms.

Our Confession ~ ‘Savoy Declaration of Faith’ (1658) and ‘The Cambridge Platform’ (1649) (see ‘What we believe‘)

For more detail –  Please browse the website; use the form below for comment and contact or you can email or telephone the Organiser