The 'Bible for Today' Enquiry Meeting – 5th February 2020

This event now past.
An enthusiastic and encouraging evening was well attended, and the hearts of the saints evidently stirred; report below – TBS / Bible for Today Meeting
Tameside Free Congregational Church [TFCC] celebrated its first Bible for Today Meeting on Wednesday evening 5th February.  The venue was at Hyde Christian Fellowship [HCF] in Chapel Street, Hyde, the event being a joint endeavour with them and other Churches represented too.
After opening the meeting with a brief explanation for the purpose of the meeting, TFCC’s Bill Lynch handed the conduct of the meeting to the invited Guest Minister, the Rev. Craig Dennison of the Trinitarian Bible Society [TBS] who continued with Prayer and a Word from Scripture and later, a history of the TBS and its translation work at home and abroad.
During the evening Rev. Dennison gave a most informative talk on the uniqueness of the King James Version Bible [KJV] and the importance of a ‘faithful understanding’ regarding interpretation and translation of the original manuscripts into our English Bible, the KJV.  Hymns were sung at the open and close and a time for Questions and Answers was included with much interest shown in the topic.  Fellowship and food concluded the evening.
Rev. Dennison said that he had enjoyed an excellent evening and that he had been encouraged that every one without exception had been really enthusiastic.
Rev. John Young, pastor of HCF, said that it had been an excellent night which was well attended and well received with a goodly atmosphere.  Rev. Young has asked Rev. Dennison to repeat the talk at Sulam Ya’aqov – the Messianic Fellowship in Prestwich, Manchester.
Bill Lynch said one noticeable absence, of all those invited, was that of anyone in favour of the 150+ ‘modern versions’ [MVs] of the bible which are based on very different manuscripts to those of the KJV.  He thought this was perhaps regrettable since this was an opportunity for any to speak up and say why MVs ought to be considered alongside or, as is often the case nowadays, instead of the KJV.
Literature on the subject was obtained by many from the TBS and a good number of *KJV Bibles, along with *Books and *Booklets were freely given out.
Subject to the Will of the LORD it is planned that a ‘Bible for Today’ event will take place again with yet another talk for our learning on other aspects of the unique, inspired and preserved word of God, the KJV.  Please watch this space for details.
We extend a grateful thank-you to everyone involved and attending and especially to thee Lord for this truly blessed event.  Amen.
* KJV Bibles –  [Kindly provided by ‘The Bible Spreading Union’]
* Book – “Three Modern Versions” A critical assessment of the NIV, ESV and NKJV, by Alan J Macgregor. [Kindly supplied by The ‘Bible League Trust’].
* Booklets – 1. Sermons preached at many of the AGM’s of ‘The Bible Spreading Union’ [Kindly provided by Mr. Stephen Toms – Trustee]
– 2. Copies of several of ‘The Bible League Quarterly’ Magazine. [Kindly provided by The ‘Bible League Trust’].
For a right understanding read e.g. Ch. 1 of “The King Kames Version Defended”, by Edward F Hills.
Original Invitation
Faithfully and Fervently we are inviting YOU to:-An evening with the Trinitarian Bible Society.
5th February 2020 – 7.00 for 7.30 pm start 
RSVP – mobile tel. 07759 258 527 or email > 
Dear Friend,
We* are holding what we are calling a ‘Bible for Today’ meeting and we would like you especially to be there.
Our motive?  That Bible believing Christians might be able to consider whether or not the use of ‘Modern Versions’ is leading to a lack of ‘Light’ in our Churches and thus in our Nation in the day of our calling; and if so, what are the consequences and what must be done?

The evening will include opening worship followed by news of the Society’s history and its translation work at home and abroad and a talk on the Authorised Version of the Bible and its uniqueness for our time.  There will be ‘free to take’ resources and Bibles (AV) which it is hoped will be helpful and opportunity for Q&As and discussion.  We are hoping this will take place annually but also that it will also be a ‘springboard’ for future discussion meetings [DV].

Whether you are ‘up to scratch’ on this very important, tho’ much neglected subject, or totally unaware of it and the implications for church and state, or a supporter of  ‘modern versions’ who would like to bring new light on the subject then please be sure to let us know that you are coming along.  We believe the Lord has appointed this very meeting for you and will be sure to bless.
*We are a partnership of bible believing churches with differing  understandings of  certain doctrines & confessions of faith – (but NOT false  Ecumenism or New Evangelicalism)
Where …           Hyde Christian Fellowship,  Chapel Street, Hyde – SK14 1JB
When …            on the 5th February 2020 – 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start. 
Who …               Our deputation speaker is  The Rev Craig Dennison [Trinitarian Bible Society]     
There is room for a maximum of 80 and we trust places will all be taken.  If you’d like to bring along a brother or sister please let us know ASAP and we will reserve a place for them.

You can also let us know via our ‘contact form’ at the bottom of our ‘Welcome’ page.