10. Covenants, Rules & Declaration – Articles of Faith

Articles of Faith.
7.1 The Articles of Faith, which are to be received and propagated by the Church, consist of the entire contents of “those things which are most surely believed among us,” being in short The Savoy Declaration of Faith herein referred to as the Confession.
7.2 However it is to be recognised that those young in the faith or who are not yet well instructed [say those at 1.3a above] may not be able to comprehend all that is contained in this Confession and therefore a statement of fundamental doctrines, herein referred to as the Declaration to which all truly regenerate believers will adhere is appended hereto and shall be accepted by all candidates for membership prior to admission. It is expected of members that they endeavour to understand and accept the full Confession and that the ministry of TFCC seeks to expound the truth contained in it.
Pulpit Supply.
7.3 Every preacher shall agree not to teach doctrines or practises contrary to that contained in or implied by the Confession. The pulpit shall be supplied as directed by the elders/pastors.
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