9. Covenants, Rules & Declaration – Church Ordinances



6.1 The church only recognises two ordinances –Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Definition of Baptism.

6.2 Baptism is to be understood and practised as set forth in the Savoy Declaration of Faith, and is to be urged upon all unbaptised believers upon confession of faith.

Baptism & Membership.

6.3 All such baptised believers walking in the fear of the Lord are to be exhorted to make application for membership, thus becoming partakers of the privileges and responsibilities of the local manifestation of Christ’s body. Baptism will normally only be administered to subjects for church membership.


6.4 Baptism is to be administered publicly by an Elder/Pastor or by other brethren with the approval of the pastors/elders.

Definition of the Lord’s Supper.

6.5 The Lord’s Supper is to be understood and practised as set forth in the Savoy Declaration of Faith.


6.6 It is agreed to be commemorated each Lord’s Day the first Sabbath of the month in the morning and each Lord’s Day the third Sabbath of the month in the evening. It may also be undertaken as frequently as deemed advisable by the elders/pastors.


6.7 All members should examine themselves prior to coming to the Table and all disputes between communicants shall be settled and forgotten in conformity with Scriptural principles prior to the partaking of the elements that the unity of the body be not marred.

Admission to the Table.

6.8 The administration of this ordinance is to be reserved for baptised believers who are members of TFCC [unless section 1.7 applies*] or who are members of a Church of like faith and practise to this fellowship, and who are not under discipline in that Church.  Whilst it is the responsibility principally of the Elders/pastors but also of all members to guard the ‘table of the Lord’ it is not for any to judge the hearts of those who name the name of Christ by any means other than prescribed in Scripture and as summarised in the Confession.  The table is thus an ‘open’ table and therefore due warning [regarding ‘unworthiness’] is to be given i.e. 1 Cor. 11:27-29 prior to administration.

* Note – this would allow for baptised believers awaiting membership (and also any visitors to TFCC)

to partake of the Lord’s Table which is an ‘Open’ table].

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