Who we are ~ we are a local church of Bible-believing Christians who by God’s grace seek to celebrate the new life that he, as creator of all good things, has given to us.  A life to be lived in the way of truth, of holiness and of love. 
What we believe ~ we believe it is the new life that encompasses body and mind and soul; a life that lasts not only for time but for eternity.  This is the new life that is explained by the gospel (meaning good news), the new life that the Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples to go into all the world and tell of.  
Seeking to do as he says, sharing this good news with those that will listen, and all that it means, is central to our lives as Bible-believing Christians.
We would ~ love you join us ~ you will be made to feel welcome;  the Lord Jesus is interested in you and we are too. 
Services ~ consist of singing God’s praises, listening to prayer and especially of reading the Bible with an explanation of it’s relevance for all our lives.
Where we meet ~        

Grafton Centre, Grafton Street, Hyde, SK14 2AX

Please note – not to use this address for post.

2 mins walk from Hyde Bus Station (over the motorway footbridge)

The Grafton Centre is an excellent venue which has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services in Tameside.  www.thegraftoncentrehyde.com   

There is wheelchair access and facilities for any disabled and a small car park on site with alternative free (on Sunday) car parking adjacent.

When we meet ~

The Sabbath Day which is every  Sunday

Morning Service 10.30 am – Evening Service 6.30 pm

~ Both services preceded by Prayer Meetings at 10.20 am & 6.20 pm

More about us ~

Our Church ~ is doctrinally Reformed and Protestant. 

Our Bible ~ is the Authorised Version (King James Version)* and,

Our Confessionis the ‘Savoy Declaration of Faith’ (see ‘What we believe‘) 

Why not join us ~ as we worship the ‘One True Living God’ together.  Diligently seeking the LORD, in the truth of his Word and the power of his Holy Spirit, so that we may find the Lord of life ~ even as he promises.

“Come and see.”      [John 1:46 & 39]

*If you’d like a free copy of the Authorised Version of The Holy Bible (also known as the King James Version) then please let us know where to send it by completing your details below.  You can also telephone or email your request.  
Copies are also available ‘on the day’ should you be led to visit us at The Grafton Centre – where you’ll be most welcome.
We also have many booklets available which explain why the AV / KJV is the only Bible version that the LORD has Inspired and Preserved for our use in these latter days.