7. Covenants, Rules & Declaration – Deacons



4.1 Deacons shall be spirit filled men appointed in the church as the need for such shall arise. It is the duty of deacons to relieve elders/pastors of administrative and practical duties so that they may give themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word. It is desirable, where practicable that each deacon oversee any specific work to be fulfilled in the church.


4.2 No deacon shall be recognised who does not comply with the qualifications laid down in Acts 6:3and 1 Tim.3:8-13.

Appointment and Termination.

4.3 The appointment of deacons and the termination of their service shall be initiated by the elders/pastors and voted upon by the church.


4.4 Elders and deacons shall meet for the transaction of business and at least every four months. The elders/pastors shall meet together in oversight as often as shall be deemed necessary. All meetings shall open and close with prayer. Minutes shall be kept of all business meetings.


4.5 A deacon shall automatically cease to be a deacon if he falls into grievous sin, or error, or fails to discharge his duties.

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